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KEF LS50<br>Speakers

An innovative concept inspired by the legendary LS3/5a, LS50 mini monitor speaker is designed to bring professional studio monitor concept into the home.

GBP£ 799.00
KEF Q100<br>Speakers
KEF Q100

The KEF Q100 Speakers sound surprising: lush, spacious and precisely defined with compelling midrange/HF response and solid, immaculately controlled bass. Q100 with a 130mm (5.25in.).

GBP£ 399.00
KEF Q300<br>Speakers
KEF Q300

The KEF Q300 Speakers open up a world of audiophile quality sound at a surprisingly affordable price. Delivering all the benefits of the Uni-Q'point source' configuration in its latest and most refined form.

GBP£ 449.00
KEF Q500<br>Speakers
KEF Q500

The Q500 Speakers from KEF feature a new generation Uni-Q MF/HF array paired with a long-throw bass driver of equal size, and two matching ABRs.

GBP£ 699.00
KEF Q700<br>Speakers
KEF Q700

As a viewer, you notice the striking clarity of the vocals and fluidly articulate mid-range response that come from the new KEF Q700 Speakers.

GBP£ 999.00
KEF Q900<br>Speakers
KEF Q900

With massive bass extension heightening the drama and flawless 3D imaging that faithfully tracks the action on screen, the illusion of being there is phenomenal with the KEF Q900 Speakers.

GBP£ 1,199.00
KEF R100<br>Speakers
KEF R100

The new KEF R100 is a masterpiece in miniaturisation. Fast, clean and agile, with a low-end performance you would expect from a speaker double its size or with a dedicated LF driver, the R100 has a brilliantly designed full range Uni-Q driver array that makes the smallest R Series bookshelf speaker an astonishing performer.

GBP£ 599.00
KEF R300<br>Speakers
KEF R300

Featuring the all-new Uni-Q driver array and a 6.5-inch LF bass driver, the three-way KEF R300 lacks for nothing. Its stylishly uncluttered appearance beautifully complements the fast and clean mid-range response, along with accurate and clean low-end frequencies.

GBP£ 999.00
KEF R500<br>Speakers
KEF R500

The smallest of the three floor standers in the R Series, the KEF R500 uses the same latest generation Uni-Q driver array and two 5.25-inch aluminium bass drivers. Its slim proportions and sleek contemporary looks make it perfectly suited for any interior, making it ideal for serious stereo or multi-channel home theatre systems.

GBP£ 1,499.00
KEF R700<br>Speakers
KEF R700

The KEF R700 exudes sophistication, not only in its contemporary design and use of high quality real wood and piano high gloss finishes, but in its class-leading sonic reproduction.

GBP£ 1,999.00
KEF R900<br>Speakers
KEF R900

With twin 8-inch LF drivers positioned perfectly either side of the remarkably sweet and accurate latest generation Uni-Q driver array, the KEF R900 ensures an incredible scale and depth.

GBP£ 2,749.00
KEF Reference Model 201/2<br>Speakers
KEF Reference Model 201/2

Arguably the ultimate full range bookshelf loudspeaker, Model 201/2 has all the benefits of the latest Reference technology. The same sensational Uni-Q array. The same ultra-low distortion LF driver for solid, crystal clear bass extension. The same decoupled high order crossovers.

Receive Free M200 In-Ear Headphones GBP£ 2,999.00
KEF Reference Model 203/2<br>Speakers
KEF Reference Model 203/2

A three-way bass reflex design, Model 203/2 shares the technology that makes the floorstanders great, but in a more compact package: the same new generation KEF engineering, the same high quality components and the same bulletproof build quality.

Receive Free M200 In-Ear Headphones GBP£ 3,999.00
KEF Reference Model 205/2<br>Speakers
KEF Reference Model 205/2

Whether you are into Strads or Strats, Model 205/2 is an assertively musical performer when it comes to conveying the nuances of recorded sound - full-bodied, vigorous and sublimely expansive without ever compromising the unerring fidelity with which it reproduces intricate detail, however complex.

Receive Free M500 On-Ear Headphones GBP£ 5,999.00
KEF Reference Model 207/2<br>Speakers
KEF Reference Model 207/2

Everything about KEF's flagship loudspeaker is designed to make what you hear sound totally real. As the finest expression of all the latest KEF design breakthroughs, the sound quality, bandwidth and dynamics of these formidably accomplished floorstanders are second to none.

GBP£ 9,999.00
KEF X300A <br>Active Speakers With USB DAC
Active Speakers With USB DAC

Featuring KEF’s state-of-the-art Uni-Q driver, supported by two amplifiers in each unit, the X300A is a true audiophile speaker for your PC, Mac, MP3 player or smartphone. Enjoy true high definition sound from source to output.

GBP£ 599.00
KEF X300A Wireless<br>Active Speakers With USB DAC
KEF X300A Wireless
Active Speakers With USB DAC

At last - the new KEF X300A Wireless Active Speakers give the freedom to stream music wirelessly via Airplay or DLNA from your computer, smartphone or any other mobile device in a way that allows you to experience uncompromised high fidelity sound.

New Model - Now Available GBP£ 799.00

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