With a REL there is NO compromise. The REL will only add to your already high quality sound. It will never overwhelm, but confidently underpin your main system. It is very likely the most cost effective upgrade you will ever make. REL sub-bass systems can be “tuned” to your system and room, whatever your system’s capabilities and listening room size. This is of enormous benefit, particularly if like many others, your listening room is not perfect.

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REL S2<br>Sub Woofer
Sub Woofer

Whilst the new REL S2 Sub Woofer may be the least expensive, most compact chassis in the S range, it would be a mistake to think of it as anything but a true thoroughbred. Fast, tuneful, fun and exceptionally dynamic, S2 permits those with limited space or compact Speakers to enjoy the benefits of Serie S performance.

New 2014 Model - Now Available GBP£ 999.00
REL S3<br>Sub Woofer
Sub Woofer

The new REL S3 Sub Woofer derives from the flagship S5 and offers a more compact footprint and much of S5 performance for use with either slightly more modest systems or rooms that cannot handle the power and output of S5. Qualitatively, it is the equal of S5, sans the grand scale, power and majesty of its larger sibling.

New 2014 Model - Now Available GBP£ 1,299.00
REL S5<br>Sub Woofer
Sub Woofer

The new S5 Sub Woofer from REL exceeds the mandate for mid-level models and crosses this model into true reference quality. S5 produces exceptionally low bass with tremendous impact and speed. Even difficult-to-render instruments such as pipe organs are dealt with effortlessly.

New 2014 Model - Now Available GBP£ 1,599.00
REL T-Zero<br>Sub Woofer
REL T-Zero
Sub Woofer

For years, REL lovers have been asking for a smaller woofer for their smaller systems and small rooms; a no-compromise REL design with REL sonic qualities in a more compact package.

GBP£ 299.00
449.00 349.00
REL T5<br>Sub Woofer
Sub Woofer

The REL T5 delivers the exceptional low-bass performance, rugged build quality and unique design of larger REL models at a more affordable price.

SALE OFFER GBP£ 449.00 GBP£ 349.00
REL T7<br>Sub Woofer
Sub Woofer

The REL T7 boasts 300 watts output power, a 10" custom designed long throw driver and a matching forward facing passive radiator - this is a serious sub woofer.

GBP£ 699.00
REL T9<br>Sub Woofer
Sub Woofer

The REL T9 boasts 300 watts output power - this is a serious sub woofer. Featuring a 10" custom designed long throw driver and a matching forward facing passive radiator this compact powerhouse gets deeper than previous models and stays in full control.

GBP£ 799.00
REL Habitat1<br>Sub Woofer
REL Habitat1
Sub Woofer

Habitat1 is a brilliant new concept from REL that takes sub bass to new levels by incorporating the room, your Habitat, into our design.

New Model - Now Available GBP£ 1,299.00
1099.00 699.00
REL R-328<br>Sub Woofer<b>Ex-Display Model)</b>
REL R-328
Sub WooferEx-Display Model)

The REL R-328 Sub Woofer upgrades the performance of the R-218 through the use of both an active main drive unit and passive radiator. The main active driver is their much more potent Heavy 10 - a driver capable of handling sixty percent greater power and offering superior dynamics and speed.

Ex-Display Model GBP£ 1,099.00 GBP£ 699.00
1799.00 1499.00
REL R-528 SE<br>Sub Woofer
REL R-528 SE
Sub Woofer

The REL R-528 SE Sub Woofer is borne from the fusion of the power and devastating speed of the legendary G-1 and uses the identical 12″ carbon fibre bass engine from this model.

GBP£ 1,799.00 GBP£ 1,499.00

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