Monitor Audio Apex AW12

Available for in-store purchase
Available for in-store purchase

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Monitor Audio Apex AW12 Subwoofer

The AW12 active sub woofer is completely new from the ground up. Every component has been designed specifically for the AW-2, including the massively engineered front-firing 12" C-CAM driver and 500 watt Class D amplifier.

Finished in the Axis range of lacquers (Piano Black Metallic,Piano White Metallic and Piano Gloss Silver Metallic) complete with aluminium side trims, the AW-12's sealed cabinet is easy to position and the top-mounted control of volume and EQ makes for easy set- up and adjustment. The 12V trigger input allows for auto-aactivation when using a compatible AV Receiver or Processor. A new adjustable foot design has the floor spike permanently fitted with a removable heavy duty rubber cover for solid or hard wood flooring.

Balancing beautifully the Axis virtues of convenience and design, refinement and power, the AW12 offers a devastating introduction to the benefits of uperior sub woofer engineering.

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