Roksan K3
Power Amplifier

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Available for in-store purchase
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Available for in-store purchase
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Roksan K3 Power Amplifier

The Roksan K3 Power Amplifier is an efficient, high-performance solution that escalates your device to the next level, it is a beautiful thing to behold. With its elegant new design, phenomenal sound this power amplifier is truly orientated toward today’s discerning audiophile.

The Roksan K3 Power Amplifier is the perfect upgrade from its predecessor, providing two ways of using the amp: either by using your current amplifier as a preamp, or by using both as a pre-power combination. Each section will have its own power and container for better clarity and less distortion. The Roksan K3 Power Amplifier can also be used with bi-wired speakers, with one amplifier running the treble and the other running the bass when in bi-amped mode, greatly improving speaker control and expanding the soundstage. Not only is the Roksan K3 Power Amplifier compatible with other parts from Roksan, it also fits with most brands.

Lifestyle shot of Roksan K3 Power Amplifier

This amplifier offers a choice of RCA phono or balanced XLR inputs, meaning it is compatible with almost any pre-amplifier. This power amplifier offers a range of RCA phone inputs or balanced XLR inputs so that almost any preamplifier is compatible. The K3 Power Amplifier's power output is substantial 140W per channel at 8 Ohms. Most speakers are offered ample power and will easily accommodate most of the room sizes. Even with those more standard speakers, the Roksan K3 Power amp provides a strong, dynamic sound which provides a greater sense of realism even in the smaller rooms in your house. Their strength is an easy way of filling big rooms with simple elegance and strong tone.

The Roksan K3 Power Amplifier also provides superior precision, accuracy and low noise due to its symmetric amplifier configuration and high quality signal output relays; as well as an improved power supply layout. No matter the type of music you want to listen to, the K3 guarantees that the sound is made perfectly crystal clear even through the largest of soundstages. The Roksan K3 Power Amplifier uses a new rigid chassis, which is a significant upgrade in previous generations quality. With a weight of 14 kg, it is a substantial unit, allowing for exceptional damping of any mechanical vibration, which reduces the likelihood of any distortion.

A high-performance and reliable power supply and a power amplifier section with direct mains power, takes the Roksan R3 to another level.

In combination with the Roksan K3 integrated amplifier the Roksan K3 power amplifier can be used to form a bi-amplified or even tri-amplified system that delivers maximum power and control to your speakers.

The Roksan K3 Power Amp was developed and designed to offer a truly independent hi-fi listening experience for savvy music lovers. In conjunction with other Roksan K3 models the effect is a sublime, dynamic sound with the vital strength and muscle to drive even those speakers that are most demanding.

Although Roksan's K3 Power Amp operates in tandem with the integrated amplifier Roksan K3, the K3 Power Amplifier is basically compatible with all pre-amps on the market and works beautifully with most brands.

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For assistance in pairing please feel free to speak with one of our instore staff or call our Customer Sales line on 0333 016 4775.

Repeat function? Yes
Random Play? Yes
Programmable track order? Yes
Will it play MP3 files? Yes
Will it play recorded CDs? Yes
Will it play SA-CDs? No
Does it support CD text? Yes
Frequency Response 3 Hz - >100 kHz (-3 dB)3 Hz - >100 kHz (-3 dB)
Tone controls? No
Max power output into 8 Ohms > 220 W (4 ohms)
Max power output into 6 Ohms > 140 W (8 ohms)
Analogue RCA input Yes
Bluetooth input? No
Dedicated turntable input? No
USB connection? Yes
XLR inputs? No
Headphone output? Yes
XLR outputs? Yes
Subwoofer output? No
Bluetooth output? No
Remote control? Yes
Finish Available in Charcoal, Opium and Anthracite
Product dimensions (mm) 432 x 105 x 380 mm
Weight 14kg
Auto Power Off? No
Power consumption (W) Warm up mode <25 W, Full Power <800 W

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