Sony SRS-LSR100
Wireless Handy TV Speaker

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Sony SRS-LSR100 Wireless Handy TV Speaker

Bring your TV’s audio to where you are
Enjoy your large screen TV with audio at a level right for you, thanks to the SRS-LSR100. This easy-to-use wireless speaker connects, and even controls, your TV allowing you to dial in a personalised volume level just for you, without disrupting other viewers in the room. And since it’s plug-and-play it’ll get to work right out of the box.

No complicated set-up required
It’s easy to use right away. Just connect to your TV and you’re done. No complicated settings, and no need to purchase additional cables or batteries.

Hear TV the way you like it
Whether you watch TV for relaxation, to enjoy with family, or while you’re doing something else, having the sound right there by your side will keep you from missing out.

Watching TV by yourself
If you’re watching TV by yourself but it’s hard to hear, you can make the dialog crisp and clear with Voice Zoom. Watch TV even late at night without disturbing family or neighbours.

Watching TV with family and friends
If the TV is difficult to hear, just bring the sound closer. Having the speaker nearby helps you, and your friends and family, listen while keeping you in the conversation.

Watching TV from a distance
Keep track of the commentary or plot-line without having to move closer to the TV, with this compact and portable speaker. The drip-proof design even makes it suitable for use in the kitchen.

Wonderful gift item for family members
Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, any day is a great time to show your appreciation. Simple design makes it easy to operate and enjoy, even for those who aren’t great with gadgets.

Simple connectivity. Long battery life.
Simply connect the supplied Charging dock/ Transmitter to your TV’s optical-digital or headphone output and you’re ready to go. A full charge gives you up to 16 hours of wireless listening.

Clear dialog with Voice Zoom
Sony’s original technology analyses voice elements from TV sound and boosts them for easy listening.

Stable wireless connectivity
Uses 2.4 GHz wireless transmission for stability and high resistance to interference.

Easy charging and long-life battery
Equipped with Sony’s high-capacity Li-ion battery to run for up to 16 hours on a single charge.

Works with any TV
Compatible with major TV brands equipped with headphone or optical output.

Hear dialog more clearly with Voice Zoom
Sony's original Voice Zoom technology analyses and boosts spoken audio for all your TV viewing. By identifying and isolating voices in fixed locations, it’s possible to selectively increase the clarity of commentary, reporting, and dialog without increasing the overall volume of crowds and other background noise.

Stable wireless connectivity
The transmitter and speaker units are connected by 2.4 GHz wireless transmission one-to-one, for a low latency connection with high resistance to interference. Hear sound from the TV and the speaker simultaneously for a natural listening experience.

Easy charging and long-life battery
Equipped with Sony’s high-capacity Li-ion battery, the speaker is able to work for up to 16 hours on a single charge (approx. 3 hours). What’s more, charging the speaker is as easy as placing it on the Charging dock/ Transmitter—no messy connections to worry about.

Drip proof
The speaker unit is drip proof (IPX2) so you can use it in the kitchen near the sink, enjoying your favourite TV show while doing chores.

Headphone jack
The speaker unit is equipped with a headphone jack, so if you want to listen to TV in total privacy, just connect your headset and watch a movie or show anytime you wish.

Works with just about any TV
The SRS-LSR100 works with TVs equipped with headphone or optical output, and the remote control function is compatible with major TV brands: Sony, GRUNDIG, HITACHI, LG, LOEWE, Panasonic, PHILIPS, Samsung, SHARP, TELEFUNKEN, THOMSON, TOSHIBA, United.

Auto power off
The auto power-off function ensures you get full use from the SRS-LSR100's 16 hour battery life. After 10 minutes of silence, the speaker will power down; ready for the next watching session with a simple tap of the remote buttons.

Auto volume control
Enjoy great sound even in less-than-ideal listening environments. A built-in microphone picks up surrounding noise, compensating by automatically adjusting both the speaker volume and tonality, for a clear listening experience.

Analogue 3.5mm input Yes
Optical digital input Yes, on the terminal
Bluetooth input? No
Ethernet? Yes
USB connection? No
Headphone output? Yes
Finish White
Product dimensions (mm) SPEAKER: 196mm x 74mm x 77mm (WxHxD) TERMINAL 179mm x 28mm x 71mm (WxHxD)
Weight SPEAKER 440g TERMINAL 85g
Battery powered? Yes

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