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KEF LSX Wireless Speakers

The KEF LSX Wireless HiFi Speakers are a stylish pair of wireless speakers with a wide range of connection options. You can stream to these wireless bookshelf speakers using Bluetooth, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Tidal and music stored on your NAS. The LSX are the perfect all round wireless speakers for the modern music lover. An amazing pair of bookshelf speakers packed full of technology.

The convenience and connectivity of wireless. The emotion and detail of true high-resolution stereo. And all from a compact system designed to fit almost anywhere. LSX is the speaker system for the way we listen today.

Play anything. Hear everything.
From streaming to gaming, from TV to multi-room music, LSX is designed for all your home entertainment needs. Play what you like, how you like, where you like – and experience it all in glorious high-resolution stereo.

Feel the performance.
With two speakers positioned apart from each other, you’ll experience music as a 3D soundstage, with the pin-point imaging and sense of presence that one-box systems miss. It’s the difference between just hearing music, and really feeling it.

Apple AirPlay 2
LSX comes with Apple AirPlay 2 which, from a simple screen tap or request to Siri, unlocks the world of multi-room audio. You can wirelessly stream all your favourite music apps to your whole home with seamless control from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

All the music on earth.
With Spotify Connect and Tidal built in, all the music you love is at your fingertips. Stream from the cloud, or directly from a NAS drive or a computer through DLNA fully wirelessly at 48kHz/24bit resolution (or 96kHz/24bit using optional wired connection). Or simply use Bluetooth.

Easy listening.
With LSX, nothing gets between you and the music. Connecting to Wi-Fi takes moments with the KEF Control app and keeps abreast of the latest firmware, so your speakers are future-proofed and always up to date.

LSX utilises KEF’s advanced acoustic design technology, features that are usually reserved for much larger hi-fi speakers. Get ready for goosebump-inducing levels of sonic realism and accuracy.

The sweet spot just got a lot wider.

LSX comes with KEF’s breakthrough Uni-Q driver array. By placing the tweeter at the centre of the midrange and bass cone, it radically improves stereo imaging. This not only makes music sound clear, detailed and lifelike, it does so across a wider listening area.

Contoured baffle.
Hear the music, not the speaker.

Optimised using Finite Element Analysis, LSX’s contoured baffle improves sound dispersion, ensuring that sound waves travel outwards and are not reflected around the cabinet surface. The result? A purer sound, with less cabinet colouration.

Small speakers, big sound.

LSX uses KEF’s Music Integrity Engine™ – bespoke Digital Signal Processing that helps the speakers deliver transparent bass with great extension, while reducing distortion. So you can fill your room with rich, full-bodied sound.

Compact, elegant and incredibly versatile, LSX looks great and fits comfortably into any setting. And with our intuitive apps, you’ll be up and running in next to no time.

No cables. No compromise.
With no need for a cable to connect the two speakers, and no separate amps or other equipment to worry about, you can position them wherever you like. Wave goodbye to visual clutter, without sacrificing sound quality.

Colours and fabrics.
Whatever your style, there’s an LSX to match. The system comes with a choice of five colours, and is clad in an industrial fabric by Danish contemporary textile designer, Kvadrat. These fine details make the LSX pleasing to the touch, as well as appealing to the eye.

Design by Michael Young.
Overseen by renowned product designer Michael Young, LSX’s design achieves a fine balance of form and function. Carefully considered details include port accent colours and a colour changing LED to subtly indicate which source is selected.

Analogue 3.5mm input Yes
Optical digital input Yes
Bluetooth input? Yes
AirPlay streaming? Yes, AirPlay 2
WiFi streaming? Yes
Ethernet? Yes
USB connection? No
Headphone output? No
Product dimensions (mm) 240 x 155 x 180 mm
Weight 3.6 & 3.5
Battery powered? No
AV Forums Recommended
Every aspect of the design and engineering of the KEF LSX needs to be seen as a bit of a slam dunk. It looks fantastic and had the build quality to match. The decision to use a material coating for the cabinet is a great one, giving a point of differentiation that isn’t different for different’s sake. While part of me wants to see more ‘classic’ active speakers that can front a selection of electronics, the fitment of the LSX makes for an excellent alternative to a more conventional all-in-one system.
What Hi-Fi 2019 Products of the Year
Best all-in-one system
tech radar RECOMMENDED
They are a fantastic investment for any audiophile who doesn’t want to clutter their home with huge towers
It’s about as impressive an all-round system as we’ve heard for the money.
AV Forums Recommended
The KEF manages to deliver enough bass to hit hard and be felt as much as heard but it integrates well with the rest of the frequency response and never sounds sluggish or disjointed
If you've been contemplating going wireless, or already have and want to move up that food chain, KEF's LSX system might be a perfect way to maintain your sophisticated audiophile mojo while embracing Hi-Fi WiFi Coolosity. Highly recommended.
Hi-Fi +
The joy of the KEF LSX is that it’s an Everyman loudspeaker, and it isn’t just designed to be some kind of audiophile-creation machine. People who listen to music through these loudspeakers like what they hear enough to both buy a pair and gain appreciation for those of us who go deeper into sound quality. If I was dumped on a desert island with only a pair of KEF LSX to keep me company, I’d be fine with that… that’s how good they are.
What Hi-Fi 5 Star Review
Here, KEF has managed to squeeze much of its innovative system’s performance and feature set into a more modest stature, offering the convenience and versatility of the tried-and-tested package at a much more accessible price that is relatively budget for an all-in hi-fi system. Indeed, the LSX is a scaled-down, carefully crafted copycat of its sibling, and for that is just as triumphant. Take heed, rival systems, these miniature marvels are going to take some beating.
What HiFi Awards 2020
"What Hi-Fi? 2020 Award Winner!"

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