Audiolab M-DAC nano
Bluetooth DAC/Headphone Amplifier

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Audiolab M-DAC nano Bluetooth DAC/Headphone Amplifier

Renowned for making industry leading and award-winning DACs, Audiolab proudly presents the Audiolab M-DAC nano. Combining hi-resolution digital playback with portable convenience, this is the latest addition to the M-DAC family and is the smallest yet.

The Audiolab M-DAC review from What Hi-fi claims,"We haven't come across a better portable DAC" and as a What Hi-Fi?Awards 2019 winner, we have to agree that this is an exceptional piece of kit.

Additionally the Audiolab M-DAC nano price does make it somewhat more appealing than many of its counterparts.

The Audiolab M-DAC nano is designed to enhance your portable music playback experience, the M-DAC nano transforms your digital music signal to a level of high-fidelity, wirelessly and on-the-go. Universally suited to in-ear or over-ear headphones of various impedance levels, the Audiolab M-DAC nano, the M-DAC uses sophisticated digital filtering with upscaling to give an impressive sonic boost to whatever you’re listening to.

  • High Quality Audio
  • Wireless Charging
  • Ultra Light Weight & Compact (only 28g)
  • Built In Headphone Amplifier

Audiolab M-DAC nano

Wireless Connectivity 
Bluetooth V4.2

Output Power 
30mW per channel @320 (1 Vrms output)
7.SmW per channel @3000 (1 .SVrms output)

Audio Codec 
aptX / aptX LL / AAC / SBC

Matching Impedance (Ohms) 
8 to 300 (Ohms)

Charge Time 
2 hours

Playback Time 
8 hours

44 x 44 x 14mm


What Hi-Fi 5 Star Review
What Hi-Fi? Awards 2019 winner. We haven't come across a better portable DAC
AV Forums Recommended
This is a great Bluetooth amp with a quality and care of implementation and user friendliness that really shines through. It feels and behaves in a way that the less committed among us won’t find an annoyance and in execution terms, it feels like a truly well thought out and implemented product that should hopefully encourage people with a passing interest in quality sound reproduction to want to pursue it further. For these reasons, the M-DAC Nano comes enthusiastically Recommended.

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