Samsung HW-T400

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Samsung HW-T400 Soundbar

Powerful but compact sound experience

Bring entertainment to life with bass in a compact design

Built-in bass

Fit more sound into your home with this all-in-one device that has built-in speakers to enhance bass performance. The speakers are specialised for low sounds like the rumble of thunder in a rainforest whilst still providing the concert of chirping birds, howler monkeys and the buzz of crickets.

Connect, listen, enjoy

Bluetooth® TV connection

Simply and seamlessly connect the soundbar to your TV wirelessly via Bluetooth and avoid a mess of cables.

USB music playback

The fun doesn't stop with movies and games. Plug in your mobile device* via USB and pump up the mood with the ability to play your music without the need for complicated pairing.

Streaming music via Bluetooth

The Soundbar uses Bluetooth for easy wireless connections to other devices. Enjoy music from your mobile in top audio quality anywhere, no strings attached.

One remote to control them all

One remote control

Declutter your coffee table with just one universal remote to control them all. Enjoy a completely connected experience at the press of a button to control multiple connected devices. Samsung's Smart One Remote Control has the ability to control more than just your soundbar and can connect to multiple compatible devices from TV to set-top box.

Incredible sound, no matter where you sit

Surround sound Expansion

Make every seat the best seat in the house, whether you are playing video games with friends or watching a movie with family. The T400 expands the optimal sound field to create wider surround sound with room-filling sound.

Touch and bring your mobile music to life


No need to go onto your mobile settings. Just place your smart phone* on your soundbar and NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology will pair the two, eliminating the need for manual pairing. Enjoy quick connectivity without the need to drain your battery.

Type Integrated
Sub Included? No
Analogue RCA input No
Analogue 3.5mm input No
Optical digital input Yes
Coaxial digital input no
Bluetooth input? Yes
AirPlay streaming? No
WiFi streaming? No
Ethernet? No
USB connection? Yes
HDMI Inputs No
Analogue RCA Output No
Headphone output? No
Subwoofer output? No
HDMI Outputs No
Remote control? Yes
MQA Compatible? No
Finish Black
Product dimensions (mm) 641 x 65 x 107
Weight 2 Kg
Auto Power Off? Yes

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