Meridian M6 (Black) Speakers (Pair)

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Meridian M6 (Black) Speakers (Pair)

The Meridian M6 loudspeaker is a visually stunning floorstanding loudspeaker. A seriously high-end speaker for the audiophile, featuring individual components that are complemented and sonically balanced, the electronics of the entire system are housed inside the enclosure and deliver a performance level that is unparalleled by traditional speaker design.

The award winning Meridian M6 speaker incorporates high performance amplifiers and electronics which are all neatly hidden in its stylish shell. Sevenoaks Sound & Vision offer the M6 in a stereo pair. The M6 digital active loudspeaker combines superb sound with elegant design to complement any room setting and layout.

The traditional setup – amplifiers driving passive loudspeakers – is inefficient, limiting sound quality. Meridian loudspeakers contain a complete, matched audio system with efficient DSP crossovers, multiple DACs and driver-specific amplifiers, giving higher overall quality, less power use, and the performance of a traditional loudspeaker eight times the physical volume.

Traditional audio systems often require large, expensive cables to maintain their performance. Meridians SpeakerLink uses an “Ethernet style” cable that delivers pristine digital sound and control down a single cable between Meridian components. The result is simple, unobtrusive, and cost-effective cables that are easy to install


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