B&W 805 D3 (Satin White) Speakers (Pair)

RRP/SRP £4,750.00
1 pair available
Clearance - Epsom
Ex Display Product. All Accessories and Packaging. Full UK Warranty. Includes FS-805 D3 Stands (1 Stand is scuffed/scraped)
FREE Home Delivery

B&W 805 D3 (Satin White) Speakers (Pair)

Exclusively Available From Selected Stores
These speakers are available from our ChelseaEpsom, Reading, Sevenoaks and Yeovil stores.

Please note: Speaker stands not included.

The unique 805 D3 is the only speaker of its size to feature the Diamond dome tweeter, isolated in its own solid-body tweeter assembly for precise imaging and clarity.

Hear small details in a big way
Mounted atop the main enclosure, the Diamond dome tweeter in its solid aluminium housing delivers space, ambience and precise soundstage imaging.

Truly amazing sound
Voices and instruments are delivered with purity and precision, thanks to the smooth, accurate Continuum™ cone mid/bass driver.

Smooth delivery
The 805 D3s front-venting port allows superb weight from a speaker so compact, with Flowport™ technology speeding and smoothing the airflow for powerful bass without distortion.



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