Bluesound PULSE SOUNDBAR (Black) Soundbar

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Bluesound PULSE SOUNDBAR (Black) Soundbar


Endless Possibilities.

The PULSE SOUNDBAR is an innovative solution to the TV sound problem. As TVs have become slimmer, the space required for good sound has vanished along with the bulk. Many soundbars aren’t much of an improvement – sure, they may play louder, but do they really sound better? Most require a large and often unattractive subwoofer to make much of an improvement. The PULSE SOUNDBAR is a different animal. Not only does it not require a subwoofer to get full natural sound, but it also includes BluOS, Bluesound’s powerful wireless multi-room streaming music app. BluOS makes your TV room part of a whole-home wireless music system that enables the world of hi-res music to be part of your daily entertainment. Along with great TV sound, you also get an all-in-one music system that rivals many high-end audio systems.

Bringing Movies and Music to Life

The PULSE SOUNDBAR is the world’s first Hi-Res Audio soundbar, supporting audio resolutions of 24 bits and up to 192kHz sampling rate. Furthermore, it supports Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) high-resolution audio streams, another first in the soundbar category. But it is not just the ability to handle hi-res audio streams that make the PULSE SOUNDBAR so unique, it is how it brings music and movies to life with its natural and dynamic sound quality. Like all Bluesound PULSE models, the acoustic design and speaker voicing is performed at Canada’s National Research Council by renowned speaker designer and engineer, Paul Barton. Barton’s speakers are amongst the most highly reviewed speakers in the world.

Unparalleled Performance

Getting this level of performance from a very slim and elegant form required both innovative thinking and advanced design techniques. The PULSE SOUNDBAR uses many high-end hi-fi techniques to achieve its unparalleled performance, including true 3-way speaker configuration with tri-amplification. This means that each driver has its own dedicated amplifier channel, and that use a powerful DSP for the crossover filters. Each driver is custom developed for this application and includes individually optimized chambers for ideal speaker operation and isolation. The deep bass extension of the system is made possible by a variety of factors, including a large chamber volume, passive radiators, and DSP equalization. The cabinet is made from extruded aluminum – again a material typically only found in speakers costing many thousands of pounds – which is prized for its unyielding rigidity and strength, allowing the largest possible interior volume due to the thin wall construction.

User selectable listening modes include two dialog enhancing modes, a wide music mode, and a wide cinema mode that extends the soundstage far beyond the physical boundaries of the soundbar and envelopes the listener in rich articulate sound. This is in addition to bass and treble controls that can help compensate for less than perfect recordings. These enhancements are subtle but effective, and do not alter the accurate timbre of voices and instruments

The Power of BluOS

The PULSE SOUNDBAR features BluOS, a powerful music-only operating system powered by an advanced ARM processor and precision master clock running at 1GHz. This allows support for almost all audio codecs including MP3, AAC, WMP, Ogg, FLAC, ALAC, and true hi-res audio including MQA. Local music can be accessed via Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet anywhere on the network including NAS drives and computers, in addition to over millions of songs that can be streamed from a dozen or more music services that can all be streamed on Bluesound. Other inputs include Optical and Analog for connecting to your TV and USB for memory drives loaded with music. Bluetooth, with the high fidelity aptX codec, is also included to allow direct streaming from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The PULSE SOUNDBAR also includes an IR sensor with learning function (TV Connect) to allow your existing TV or universal remote to operate basic sound functions of the PULSE SOUNDBAR like volume and mute.

Practicality Meets Beauty

The beautiful form of the PULSE SOUNDBAR was created by the award-winning industrial designer David Farrage of DF-ID. Many thoughtful and unique design touches make the PULSE SOUNDBAR as practical as it is beautiful. There are three mounting options available; shelf mount or wall mount with the included accessories, or freestanding tabletop display with the optional TV bracket which lifts the TV just enough to allow secure placement of the soundbar directly below the TV. Depending on the mounting option chosen, the wires for AC and TV connection can exit at either the top or the bottom of the bar by flipping it 180 degrees. A built-in sensor knows the orientation and adjusts the left/right channel assignment appropriately. The magnetically attached grilles are reversible to allow either a cloth or Bluesound style perforated metal grille option.

Just Add Bass

Want more bass power? Simply (and wirelessly) add the optional PULSE SUB. This compact, slim line subwoofer connects wirelessly and automatically to the soundbar, and is small enough to fit behind or under a couch, or can be hung on the wall with the included mounting bracket.


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