Arcam PA410EU 4 Channel Power Amplifier

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Arcam PA410EU 4 Channel Power Amplifier

The Arcam PA410 is an exceptional power amplifier with 4 powerful Class AB amplification channels. The Arcam PA410 masters the reproduction of music with all its originality and detail to an unmatched sound quality and clarity

The PA410 is built to provide maximum flexibility and strength without losing control with an impressive 70W per channel. With the most advanced elements including toroidal based power supply and acoustically dampened chassis, parallel transistor output stages and exceptionally low distortion levels.

Immerse yourself completely with the enormous power of this amplifier, which delivers 4 reliable class AB amplification channels. The four-channel power amplifier PA410 provides high flexibility and power while maintaining control with a impressive 70W per channel.

The four-channel amplifier Arcam PA410 is no exception to Arcams reputation as a high performance product, and features the best quality components including a toroidal power supply, sound damping materials and parallel transistor outputs.

Continuous power output at 0.2% THD per channel

  • Four channels driven, 4O / 8O, 20Hz – 20kHz - 70W / 50W
  • Two channels driven, 4O / 8O, 20Hz – 20kHz - 90W / 60W
  • Harmonic distortion, 80% power, 8O at 1kHz - 0.003%


  • Input sensitivity 50W / 8O - 600mV RMS
  • Signal/Noise ratio (A-wtd) 50W / 8O - 105dB
  • Input impedance - 10kO
  • Frequency response - 20 - 20kHz +/-0.05dB


  • Mains voltage - 110–120V or 220–240V, 50–60Hz
  • Power consumption (maximum) - 700W
  • Power consumption (idle, typical) - 90W (Thermal dissipation approx. 340 BTU/hour)
  • Power consumption (standby) - <0.5W
  • Dimensions W x H x D (including feet, control knob and speaker terminals) - 433x325x105mm
  • Weight (net) - 10kg
  • Weight (packed) - 11.5kg

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