Project Debut Carbon DC (Black) Turntable

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Project Debut Carbon DC (Black) Turntable

The original Pro-Ject Debut was released in the late 1990s during a time when CD was king, and the vinyl format was presumed to be all but gone. But well over a decade later the model still stands and it deserves a key accreditation in the on-going success of a rejuvenated vinyl and budget turntable market. The Debut symbolises all that is good about the vinyl market; it is easy to set-up and fantastic to listen to, with the right mixture of user-friendliness and opportunity to tweak and upgrade.

The Debut Carbon expands on the Debut III in a variety of ways; namely the inclusion of an 8.6" carbon fibre tonearm, 12" platter and rear-mounted junction box. The motor isolation system also utilises a wholly unique rubber compound developed exclusively by Ortofon A/S to offer dramatically reduced resonance transference from the high-quality 230V motor the turntable employs.

Key Features

•8.6" one-piece carbon fibre tonearm, adding stiffness and reducing resonance around the pick-up cartridge (rarely found on budget turntables, due to high production costs)
•High-quality counterweight - helping further reduce unwanted resonance
•Two isolation feet made especially by Ortofon A/S, used to decouple the motor from the plinth
•12" platter
•Junction box installed, allowing for the easy upgrade of turntable interconnects
•New power supply
•Factory-fitted Ortofon 2m Red
•Lid included


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