Canton DM - FAQ


How does the Canton soundbase connect to a TV?
You can connect a Canton soundbase to most flatscreen TVs with just one simple connection. Most flatscreen TVs have an optical audio output, which can be used with the supplied cable. This will carry the audio of whatever you’re watching on TV, to the Canton soudbase for a vastly improved audio performance.

What if my TV doesn’t have an optical output?
There is also a coaxial digital input and RCA analogue input available.

Apart from films, what else can the soundbase be used for?
The soundbase will enhance all the audio of normal TV programmes, catch up TV, films, gaming and anything else you can connect to your TV.

Do I have to use an additional remote control to change the volume on the soundbase?
The soundbase can learn the remote codes of an existing TV remote. Once set up, the tv’s own remote will control the volume of the soundbase so only one remote will be needed.

Do different devices (such as a satellite boxes, BluRay etc) need to each be connected to the Canton soundbase?
No – simplicity it is easiest to connect all source products to the TV and use just one audio connection from the TV to the Canton soundbase.

Can multiple devices be connected to the inputs?
Yes, all three wired inputs can be connected to different products.

What else can be connected to the soundbase?
Any device with an digital optical, digital coaxial or analogue RCA connection can be connected to the soundbase, for example a CD player, Sonos etc.

What can be connected with the Bluetooth function?
Wireless playback of audio from a tablet or mobile phone is possible using the soundbase’s Bluetooth input. The tablet or phone can be quickly paired with the soundbase for wireless playback.

Where should the soundbase be positioned?
The Canton soundbase can be placed underneath the TV stand or below or above the TV on a shelf. It is not advised to place the soundbase to the either side of the TV as this will inadvertently affect the sound staging. The soundbase can be set to compensate for different positioning relative to the TV.

What is the maximum weight of a TV placed on top of the soundbase?
Each model is designed to support the weight of a TV up to 40kg.

How high does the volume need to be set?
Normal listening volume is achieved at 60 – 90 on the soundbase’s volume scale.

Can the maximum volume be set by the user?
DM55, DM75 Glass and DM100 have a Hotel Mode, which allows the maximum volume to be preset.

How long does the manufacturer’s warranty last for?
Canton provide 2 years manufacturers warranty for your peace of mind.


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