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When buying from Sevenoaks you are placing trust in one of the biggest, longest - established and most respected specialist hi-fi and home cinema retailers in the UK.

We have been making home entertainment come alive for customers for over 40 years. And, with a national network of 26 stores and a hard-won reputation for outstanding customer service, we are confident that we can do the same for you.

Introduction To Custom Installation

Custom installation is the ideal way to maximise the performance of your home entertainment system and with years of experience, Sevenoaks are leaders in the field. When you opt for our Custom Installation service our experts work with you to ensure your system is tailored to your home, acoustically and aesthetically.

Custom installation can range from something as straightforward as mounting a flat-screen television onto a wall, to specifying and installing a full multi-room system. It can include both Hi-Fi and Home Cinema along with your computers, lighting and other home automation. Whatever level of installation you choose our experienced installers will offer you the personal attention you expect.

Multi-Room Audio

These systems provide the convenience of selecting what you want to listen to from wherever you are in your home. Quality options vary widely these days so you can choose exactly how much you want to spend, room by room. They avoid clashes of interest too: you can listen to your new CD in the lounge while your partner streams their favourite track in the kitchen. As you would expect from a bespoke system both speakers and equipment can also be hidden to ensure the equipment doesn’t get in the way.

The very latest technology can also be used to control your system. Choose whether you like discrete touch pads built in to your wall, like light switches. Or prefer to jump on your iPad, iPhone or other such devices to view albums, artwork and even lyrics, as well as controlling basic functions such as volume or radio stations. Many of these systems can operate wirelessly, keeping things both simple and inexpensive. Or if you prefer can be hardwired to ensure even higher performance and reliability is achieved.

Home Cinema

If it’s Movies and the idea of a Home Cinema that appeals, then it’s definitely time to visit one of our stores to see just how good things have become. A Home Cinema is something the whole family will enjoy together. We supply and install the very best and largest flat-screen TV’s and projectors, along with state-of-the-art electronics to rival the multiplexes’ but without the hassle. We can show you how to get the best out of your existing library of films and help you stream movies all around your home.

New Building Projects

In this era of ‘Grand Designs’ many of our satisfied customers have approached us just as they’re about to embark on a project. This could be a refurbishment, an extension or even a new home build. This is the ideal time to think about our Custom Installation services. Perhaps you have been thinking about a loft or basement conversion for a home cinema? Whatever your plans, Sevenoaks can do these installations for you - whether it’s just a case of hiding cabling safely away or commissioning a complete bespoke solution.

Want to know more? Either e-mail your local Sevenoaks store or alternatively e-mail us via enquiries@ssav.com or feel free to pop in to your local store to discuss your options.