Established by Raymond Cooke OBE in 1961, KEF’S heritage spans over five decades and has led the way in producing innovative sound creations from stylish home cinema systems to extraordinary high-end speakers. KEF has developed some of the most iconic loudspeakers of the modern era; the Muon, Blade and Reference Series are recognised for both their remarkable design and market-leading flagship Uni-Q technology, which continues to stay true to its British heritage.

KEF’s research in speaker technology is reflected in its diversity in design allowing the company to create the most unique and varied ranges. KEF’s custom install range has been specifically designed to fashion versatile audio solutions to fit comfortably and discreetly into the home or garden. The KHT and T Series provide a variety of surround sound solutions to provide movies with high definition KEF sound using unique designs, whilst the R and Q Series models exemplify the outstanding acoustic capabilities of some of KEF’s best ever creations.