Sony PS-LX310BT
Bluetooth Turntable

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Sony PS-LX310BT Bluetooth Turntable

Relive the original vinyl experience with all the ease of wireless connectivity with the Sony PS-LX310BT record player.

Just touch the Bluetooth® pairing button on your Sony vinyl record player to find your wireless speakers, sound bar or headphones and listen to your favourite records – from classic LPs to the latest reissues.

Whether you choose your to connect your Sony bluetooth turntable via wireless or plug directly into your home sound system, setting up the deck is easy, so you can get your vinyl spinning right away. All of this without the need for a separate amplifier, thanks to built-in Phono EQ.

The Sony PS LX310BT also comes with one-step auto playback for simple control. The record player automatically drops the tone arm, finds the groove on your record and gets the music playing. And when the record is over, you can just sit back as the tone arm returns itself to its resting position.

From jazz solos and rock riffs to classical arrangements and hip-hop beats on your Sony bluetooth record player , you can lose yourself in the warm, smooth sound of vinyl, thanks to the record player's finely crafted parts and construction.

This includes the new straight tone arm. The Sony record player comes with a redesigned and made from sturdy aluminium, it delivers rich, clear sound and punchy bass tones. You’ll also benefit from the thick dust cover, which muffles pressure from your speakers, so you can enjoy your favourite tracks with little to no distortion.

Featuring a belt-drive mechanism , the Sony PSLX310BT has an aluminium die-cast platter, which is robust and lightweight. The result? Your record stays stable as it spins for pitch-perfect playback.

The Sony turntable also supports phono and line output thanks to built-in Phono Pre-Amp.

Whether you keep your bluetooth record player in the bedroom for private listening or prefer to have it in the living room at the very heart of your home, the bluetooth turntable will fit seamlessly with your space. The vinyl record player features a clean, minimal design that makes your vinyl the star of the show and a refined, tactile finish that gives the deck the luxurious look and feel your music deserves.

Whatever you select from your collection, the Sony LX310BT vinyl record player adapts effortlessly. You can choose from two speeds – 33 1/3rpm and 45rpm – and you’ll find a 45rpm adaptor disc tucked neatly beneath the record player. You can even switch between three gain modes – low, mid and high – to get the very most from all your music.

Speed 33 / 45
Drive Principle Belt Drive
Platter 296mm dia. aluminum die-cast
Tonearm Aluminum
Cartridge MM
Optical digital output No
Finish Black
Product dimensions (mm) 430 mm x 108 mm x 367 mm (WxHxD)
Weight 3.5
Lid Included? Yes
What Hi-Fi 5 Star Review
The PS-LX310BT is more than just an excellent ‘my first turntable’ option. For those wanting a fully automatic deck with built-in phono stage, it’s one of the best we’ve heard.

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