Audiolab 6000CDT
CD Transport

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Available for in-store purchase
FREE Home Delivery
Estimated Delivery within 1-2 Working Days

Audiolab 6000CDT CD Transport

The 6000CDT is a dedicated CD transport (rather than a CD player), meaning it has no DAC, and therefore no analogue outputs. This reduces costs but more importantly it means a transport can be specially designed to do only what it needs to - reading every last bit of information from your disc. It uses the same slot-loading mechanism as audiolab’s flagship CD player, the 8300CD. Extremely robust and reliable, it uses a read-ahead digital buffer to reduce disc-reading failures, able to play scratched and damaged CDs that are unreadable by conventional mechanisms.

By mounting the transport in its own, electromagnetically shielded enclosure, and including a dedicated power supply, the digital signal extraction from any CD is as accurate and precise as it is possible to achieve.

The master clock is controlled by a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, enabling the digital output from both coaxial and optical sockets to exhibit vanishingly low levels of jitter (digital distortion). In addition, the coaxial output is fed from a differential line driver to ensure a flawless digital signal reaches the accompanying DAC – naturally, the 32-bit DAC section in the 6000A integrated amp is a superb sonic match.


Repeat function? Yes
Random Play? Yes
Programmable track order? Yes
Will it play MP3 files? No
Will it play recorded CDs? Yes
Will it play SA-CDs? No
Does it support CD text? No
Optical digital input No
Coaxial digital input No
Analogue RCA Output No (transport only)
Optical digital output Yes, 1
Coaxial digital output Yes, 1
Headphone output? No
XLR outputs? No
Remote control? Yes
Finish Black and Silver
Product dimensions (mm) (W x H x D) 445 x 300 x 65.5 - including feet, terminals and controls
Weight 5.4Kg
Auto Power Off? No
Power consumption (W) Max 15W
Standby Consumption (W) <0.5W

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