Bluesound RC1
IR Remote Control

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Bluesound RC1 IR Remote Control

 This functional and sleek accessory allows you to control your Bluesound products easily and quickly, without picking up a tablet or phone. You can match your player with the RC1 remote control that works right out of the box

The idea is simple. Nothing complicated, nothing difficult; all of Bluesound’s most-used functions, at the tip of your fingers. The RC1 has been designed so that the most important buttons – like volume control, mute, and play/pause are located in the most likely and easy-to-use positions. Add 10 useful buttons for presets, and the RC1 becomes an incredibly handy little point-and-play.

All Bluesound Gen 2 and Gen 2i Players have an IR sensor built-in, and now have the IR commands for the RC1 embedded in BluOS. This means that as long as your player is updated with the most recent BluOS firmware, the RC1 will work right out of the box – just insert the included coin-cell batteries and you are ready to go.

And an added bonus, BluOS-enabled NAD products (non-MDC) can also be controlled with the RC1.


The RC1 is designed with functionality in mind. The most used and most needed functions are the most accessible. Every feature has been thought through in detail.


With the IR codes now built-in to BluOS, the RC1 will work right out of the box. Just ensure the Player is on the latest firmware, insert the included 3V CR2032 coin-cell batteries, and start listening!


Pulse Flex owners love the 5 preset buttons on the top of their Player; RC1 customers will have quick access to 10 presets! These can be set as normal in the BluOS App – pick your favourite radio stations, playlists, and inputs and assign them a number for quick and easy listening later on.


Ensure the RC1 is controlling what you want it to. Players can now be set in the BluOS App to operate on 1 of 8 different IR channels (0-7). The RC1 comes defaulted to Channel 0 – to change it, press and hold the network standby button and the preset button corresponding to the desired channel number. Hold for 10 seconds. The RC1’s indication light will flash green. Note: Channel 0 corresponds to Preset 10.

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