PMC Twenty5 Ci
Centre Speaker

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PMC Twenty5 Ci Centre Speaker

Twenty5 Ci

The twenty5.Ci is the latest iteration of PMC’s full-range centre loudspeaker for surround listening systems. It features twin g-weave bass drivers, and the new twenty5i treble driver in a package designed to provide the rock-solid centrepiece of an all-enveloping soundstage with the last word in ultra-realistic imaging. Delivering PMC’s trademark dynamic range, delicate highs and clean, powerful bass, this speaker’s wide, even dispersion allows it to be positioned high or low without affecting the clarity and dramatic impact of movie dialogue, allowing you to realise the full potential of an immersive audio movie playback system without compromising intelligibility.


To create the perfect cabinet, one that pleases both the eye and the ear, requires a partnership forged from cutting-edge, computer-controlled machining and an intimate knowledge of traditional craftsmanship and materials.

Structural integrity and accuracy are the most crucial elements when making any loudspeaker enclosure, and with PMC’s holistic design approach every element has been considered to enhance performance. Forming both the cabinet and housing the sophisticated ATL™(Advanced Transmission Line) are precision machined panels of highly specified HDF material, some as much as 40mm thick. With the consumer veneered models, they are prepared both inside and out with veneer that guarantees their stability and long life.

The accuracy of the joints, together with modern bonding agents creates one homogeneous, flawless structure that acts as the ideal, inert platform for the drive units to deliver pure, uncoloured audio.

Leaves of the world’s premium veneers, all sourced from sustainable forests, are hand-selected and matched so that each cabinet face appears as a perfect mirror image. They are finished with a delicate lacquer to give a faultless, deep and lustrous sheen that will compliment both modern décor and fine, classical furniture.

ATL Technology

The source of PMC’s legendary natural, realistic sound is the Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) bass-loading technology, professionally proven all around the world.

ATL uses energy generated by the bass unit in a much more intelligent, efficient way than speaker designs based on ported or sealed boxes. In ATL loudspeakers, the highly braced cabinet is lined with a multitude of custom-designed acoustic materials that absorb all but the very lowest frequencies. These exit from a front-panel vent, extending the low-frequency response, and creating the impression of a far larger speaker with an extra, ultra-high-quality bass unit.

ATL improves more than just the bass response: because the low end is clean and clear, it doesn’t mask the rest of the music. Vocals, in particular, are beautifully projected and ultra-vivid.

ATL loudspeakers offer another benefit. The ATL bass extension does not change with volume level — so even when listening quietly, the bass sounds balanced and well defined.

  • More detailed, more natural

  • Full, rich sound at any volume level

  • Deeper bass from a smaller cabinet


PMC’s Laminair™ aerodynamic vent takes audio performance to the next level, by applying ATL aerodynamic principles from high-performance engineering used from F1 to Le Mans and creating an even smoother, laminar air flow at the exit from the transmission line.
ATL designs involve air moving at high speeds and under pressure.Reducing turbulence and drag at the ATL vent reduces resistance, increases efficiency, eliminates air noise and provides bass with supreme timing and the widest possible dynamic range.The combination of ATL and Laminair takes audio quality to unparalleled new heights:

ATL loudspeakers offer another benefit. The ATL bass extension does not change with volume level — so even when listening quietly, the bass sounds balanced and well defined.

  • Faster, cleaner bass and higher definition sound throughout

  • Turbulence is eliminated, increasing the efficiency of the ATL

  • Removes air noise — only the music remains

  • Higher maximum output and bass with supreme timing and dynamics

Drive Units

Many speaker manufacturers start with a driver — someone else's driver, an OEM design — and go from there. That approach is not an option at PMC. Our Advanced Transmission Line™ designs require a driver specifically tailored to its parent cabinet to produce the high-resolution, ultra-low-distortion performance our customers expect of us. As a result, our drivers yield a natural, pure, uncoloured sound which you can trust as a true audio reference. Why would you want anything els??


When designing the fact crossover, the value of the capacitors was first calculated, and then the best-sounding example – chosen from many different manufacturers – was selected.

Upon delivery, each capacitor is tested to ensure it matches the required specifications and a record of the measurement results are kept. Pairs of capacitors with identical specifications are used in each pair of loudspeakers, ensuring that their characteristics are indistinguishable.

The capacitors are then soldered, bonded and anchored by hand onto the military-grade crossover circuit board, which is also individually inspected and tested.

The crossover can then be considered for installation, but only after its performance characteristics are approved following both critical listening tests and exacting computerised measurements.

But it’s not just capacitors and crossovers; every single component of PMC’s fact loudspeakers is subject to the same rigorous test procedures, ensuring that each loudspeaker is a precise replica of our reference.

This holistic approach, where all design elements are treated with the same significance, is a signature of the fact’s design excellence. This guarantees supreme power handling and ultra-low distortion, both of which play a major role in the exceptional clarity and wide, three-dimensional soundstage to be enjoyed across a wide listening area.

Crossover Frequency 1.7kHz
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm
Finish Oak, Walnut, Diamond black & Silk white Walnut, Diamond Black, Oak, White Silk
Product dimensions (mm) 554 x 174 x 314


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