Sumiko Blue Point No3
M/C Cartridge (High Output)

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Sumiko Blue Point No3 M/C Cartridge (High Output)

The Blue Point No. 3 was born out of an investigation into the long-standing Blue Point No. 2's more limited anti-resonance properties. Resonance has a more significant impact than many listeners realise and Sumiko wanted to reimagine how the housing resonates around the generator in the Blue Point range. After countless hours of development, a new combination of materials alongside an improved body design and expert assembly techniques result in a cartridge where only the musical information is kept.

Thanks to Sumiko's tried and true moving coil cartridge generator system, the smoothness and subtlety one would expect from a good MC is present. Building on this, Blue Point No. 3 assembles its sonic picture from the ground up with its low-end response. Full and warm yet defined and textured, the depth of bass will invite you into the musical image. In addition, you can expect a similar richness through the mids that remain decipherable. High-frequency attack and decay are simply sweet and airy.

  • Full and warm yet defined and textured bass and mids with impressive high-frequency attack and decay.
  • Overhead mounting cartridge for installing into a headshell
  • Moving Coil cartridge design
  • Elliptical diamond stylus
  • High-output design for connecting to a MM phono stage

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