Sumiko Oyster
M/M Cartridge

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Sumiko Oyster M/M Cartridge

The Oyster phono cartridge is generally smooth in character, yet surprisingly musical. It is a high-value introduction to the vinyl hobby, and the price makes it great for anyone looking to get a taste for the difference a cartridge upgrade can make.

  • Inviting sound with smooth qualities
  • Spherical diamond stylus
  • Overhead mounting cartridge for installing into a headshell
  • Moving magnet cartridge with removable stylus

The bonded spherical stylus, alloy cantilever and rugged generator assembly of the Oyster makes it perfect for those seeking a cost-effective moving magnet cartridge that can be used in a wide range of applications.

Designed to elevate the performance of nearly any entry-level turntable it adorns, the Oyster is the most affordable Sumiko cartridge, but still embodies the company's core philosophy of truly engaging hi-fi sound regardless of the cost. Expect to travel deeper into your music with Oyster.

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