PSB SubSeries BP8

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PSB SubSeries BP8 Subwoofer

Bass. Refined.

Meet the PSB SubSeries BP8 powered subwoofer - a game-changer in the world of precision bass. Proprietary bipolar dual 8” drivers, premium amplification and advanced isolation features work in synergy to deliver a granular level of detail while keeping distortion to a minimum. Transform your movies, music and games with deep, powerful bass and unmatched accuracy.

SubSeries BP8 Subwoofer

Pure, distortion-free bass

Ensure your bass stays crystal clear by keeping unwanted vibrations at bay. Encased in a robust, acoustically inert sealed cabinet, the BP8’s proprietary opposing bipolar dual 8" drivers deliver distortion-free bass down to 20Hz. The in-phase, opposing driver configuration eliminates vibrations, ensuring efficient conversion of electrical power to pristine acoustic output. Say goodbye to port or passive radiator-induced noise and distortion, as the BP8 doesn't need any port plugs. With the help of Integrated IsoAcoustics isolation feet, it seamlessly detaches from room-generated vibrations and resonances for a pure and undisturbed audio experience.

SubSeries BP8 Subwoofer

Meticulously crafted for peak performance

Inspired by the iconic driver design of the Synchrony and Passif 50 speakers, the drivers in the BP8 perform with linear piston-like movement, delivering optimal efficiency and power handling. Dual 8” drivers with woven carbon fibre cones, filleted rubber surrounds, 2.5” ultra-high powered voice coils and robust 45-ounce magnet structures work together to deliver unmatched accuracy and detail to bring granular detail to all your immersive entertainment.

SubSeries BP8 Subwoofer

Premium Amplification

Driven by renowned nCore technology, the BP8’s Hybrid Digital amplifier is conservatively rated at 500 watts – serious power to deliver epic dynamics for those big moments. Beyond being plentiful, this power is incredibly refined, allowing a high degree of precision and considerable control of the driver’s movement.

SubSeries BP8 Subwoofer

Small footprint. Size-defying sound.

The BP8 will defy your expectations with its performance and compact 14 x 13 x 13" (HWD) dimensions that outshine bulkier competitors. This sleek powerhouse, available in Satin Black and Satin White finishes, effortlessly blends precision engineering and style, making it a seamless addition to your home theatre setup.

SubSeries BP8 Subwoofer

More Information Frequency Response

Woofer (Nominal) 8” (203mm)
Carbon Fibre Cone
High Density Rubber Surround
2 1/2” (64mm) Voice-Coil 
45 oz (1275g) Magnet
Steel Basket
Crossover VARIABLE 50Hz - 150Hz
LFE setting (350Hz)
Design Type Sealed

Amplifier (Internal Amplifier)

Continuous Power 500 Watts
Design Analog Devices DSP & Hypex Amp

Acoustic Design

Woofer (Nominal)  8” (203mm)
Carbon Fibre Cone
High Density Rubber Surround
2 1/2” (64mm) Voice-Coil 
45 oz (1275g) Magnet
Steel Basket
Crossover VARIABLE 50Hz - 150Hz
LFE setting (350Hz)
Design Type Sealed

Size (W x H x D)

Net W 13.0 IN / 330 mm
Net H 14.0 IN / 355 mm
Net D  13.0 IN / 330 mm
Gross W 13.39 IN / 340 mm
Gross H 14.33 IN / 364 mm
Gross D 13.86 IN / 352 mm
*Gross dimensions include / knobs 
/ speaker terminals / feet


Net 42 LB/19.1 KG
Shipping 48 LB/22 KG


Satin Black, Satin White


Connections Low/Line Level Inputs
Gold-plated Stereo RCAs
12V Trigger Input
Other Universal Voltage
(100V-240V, 50/60Hz)
NA & EU power cords supplied
Auto On/Stand-by
Energy Star Compliance 0.5w STANDBY

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