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Active Upgrade Kit

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PMC Active Twenty5 Active Upgrade Kit

PMC Active Twenty5 24i Floorstanding Speakers

Make your twenty5 and twenty5i loudspeakers active. Existing owners of two-way twenty5 and twenty5i speakers – 21, 22, 23 & 24 – can now add all the active benefits of higher resolution, control, and transparency with a simple-to-install Active upgrade pack.

This brings a new active crossover and matched amplification for the speakers' treble and mid/bass sections, delivering 100W to each driver for greater detail, effortless power, crisp transients, and wider-ranging dynamics. An active loudspeaker system also allows for a more minimal hi-fi set-up now that separate power amplification isn't required.

Simply connect the speaker using standard RCA interconnects or balanced XLRs to a wide range of one box streamers, players, or preamps, for a system that's more compact and elegant – not to mention capable of even higher quality.

Simply done.

The Active twenty5 upgrade pack is an easily installed module, simply replacing the backplate of your speaker with a complete input/crossover/amplification unit that connects to the speaker's drivers with a single multipin plug.

It's a simple job, each module taking no more than five minutes to install – or you can ask your PMC retailer to do it for you – and the Active twenty5 module has a convenient speaker selector: you plug in the jumper bar supplied to select the model you're upgrading.

The meticulously designed analogue crossover in the upgrade module has unique settings for each of the four speaker models, perfectly tuned to guarantee ideal driver integration and an exceptionally pure, natural, and powerful sound. Then you simply connect your signal cable and mains lead to each speaker, and you’re ready to reap the benefits of an active loudspeaker system.

The active advantage

Active amplification of a loudspeaker allows superior control of the drive units and helps dampen unwanted resonances, improving transient performance and reducing colouration, increasing resolution and detail.

Few speaker manufacturers can design great amplifiers, and few amp specialists can design great speakers. Here at PMC, we've been making the world's leading Hi-Fi and professional-use speakers for over 30 years, and from the start, our studio speakers – used to create much of the music and movies you love – have been built around our own active crossovers and amplification, ideally matched to our precision drive-units.

Now that active advantage is available for our twenty5 and twenty5i series domestic speakers, bringing your listening at home ever closer to what was heard when the recording was captured in the studio.

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