Rega Nd5
M/M Cartridge

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Rega Nd5 M/M Cartridge

Advanced Moving Magnet

Each Nd5 is meticulously hand-made by Rega highly skilled technicians. The design uses brand new generator geometry with perfect symmetry to achieve accurate channel balance. The Nd5 also has an optimised pole gap for superior linearity and cross talk characteristics. This provides a far wider soundstage than the previous models. This new cartridge is created with miniaturised parallel coils which are wound in house utilising 38-micron wire with just 1275 turns. This produces a low inductance, low impedance generator giving vastly improved high frequency response. In keeping with Rega's commitment to sustainability, the Nd range is supplied in 100% recyclable packaging.


  • Perfect elliptical nude diamond profile stylus
  • Aluminium cantilever
  • Neodymium magnet
  • Unique generator
  • Rega 3 point mounting system
  • Highly rigid lightweight PPS body
  • Handmade stereo cartridge
  • 100% recyclable packaging

Nd Magnet technology

Often used in Moving Coil designs (including our own), we believe the Nd5 is the first moving magnet cartridge to utilise a Neodymium (Nd) N55 magnet. This is the world’s most powerful commercially available magnet and is a crucial component that makes this unique design possible by delivering more power than standard bar magnet design.

Glass filled PPS body

The complete assembly is housed in our zero tolerance injection moulded glass filled polyphenylene sulphide body (PPS) which is a lightweight and highly rigid material. A low mass body reduces stress on the tonearm bearings and aids free movement which is critical in accurate vinyl replay. This new body design was inspired by our hugely successful MC range.

Cantilever & stylus profile

The Nd5 aluminium cantilever is fitted with a precision perfect elliptical nude diamond stylus. This profile provides exceptional tracking accuracy and extracts greater levels of detail from the vinyl surface.

Factory Fitted options

The Nd5 cartridge will be offered as a factory fitted option on the multi-award winning Planar 3 and Planar 6 turntable models. Designed specifically with these turntables in mind, the Nd5 promises to extract the very best from your vinyl collection. The factory fitted packages are offered at a discounted rate compared to when purchased separately. Ask your Rega dealer for details.

Rega rebuild scheme

The unique pivot pad design of Rega cartridges improves performance by eliminating the mechanical joint between the stylus housing and the main body. This vastly improves tracking ability and stability of the stylus. If you should damage or wear out your Rega cartridge, simply return it to you Rega dealer and they will supply you with a rebuild cartridge fitted with a new cantilever, stylus and pivot pad. Each rebuild is fully tested as a new cartridge would be. The rebuild is sold at a reduced price once you trade in your worn or damaged cartridge that is equivalent to a replacement stylus offered by other manufacturers.


Nominal Output Voltage5-6mV
StylusPerfect elliptical nude diamond
Fixing3 point fixing
CoilsMiniaturised parallel coils
Window ColourClear smoked
Tracking pressure1.75g

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