Samsung VG-SCFT32VL (Lemon) Bezel for 32" The Frame TV

RRP/SRP £79.00
Clearance - Witham
Ex Display with original box. One clip damaged

Samsung VG-SCFT32VL (Lemon) Bezel for 32" The Frame TV

*Compatible with 2020 32” Frame TVs

Customisable bezel

Designed to be indistinguishable from a modern picture frame in every detail, The Frame seamlessly blends with any room décor.


1. Quick and easy installation

Change the look of The Frame to complement your mood. Bezels magnetically attach to the standard metal frame, so it’s really easy to swap them whenever you fancy a change.

2. Various colour options

Choose from multiple colour options to suit your style and home. Style The Frame to work with your taste, space or simply the artwork on display. The choice is yours.

3. In harmony with your home

Beautify your home with a bezel that complements the room décor. Make it the centerpiece, or let it blend in harmony with the interior.

Simple, elegant design

The Frame’s customisable bezel is the secret to interior harmony. Each customisable bezel adds an elegant finishing touch to any living space. Just pick the finish that best suits your art, style or home.

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