Monitor Audio Radius 225 (Black Gloss) Loudspeaker (Single)

RRP/SRP £325.00
Clearance - Leeds
Collect In Store Only. All Accessories and Packaging. Full UK Warranty. Some Marks on the Cabinets. Damage to the Tweeter. Please Call 01937 586886 for Full Details.

Monitor Audio Radius 225 (Black Gloss) Loudspeaker (Single)

The new slender Radius 225 is even slimmer than its predecessor. At just 65mm in depth, the 225 is the perfect match with todays ultra-thin displays.

Use it as a centre channel or main speaker: its acoustic design of twin 4" (100mm) C-CAM mid/bass drivers astride a 1" (25mm) C-CAM tweeter delivers superb accuracy from horizontal and vertical positions.

Extend bass further by adding the awesome 380 or 390 subs for breathtaking full-range AV or stereo sound. The new Radius 225 may be thinner physically, but its performance will fill the air with exhilarating audio wall-to-wall. A dedicated wall bracket is included with the Radius 225.

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