B&W FS-700 S3 (Silver) Speaker Stands (Pair)

RRP/SRP £799.00
Clearance - Solihull
Ex Display Product. All Accessories and Packaging. Full UK Warranty

B&W FS-700 S3 (Silver) Speaker Stands (Pair)

Studio Sound comes home.

705 S3, 706 S3 and 707 S3 work best when positioned in their ideal listening position and at the correct height. Our elegant FS-700 S3 stands handle both tasks perfectly and are available in complementary black or silver finishes. Their upgraded design includes a subtle curvature to each column to match the front baffle of each speaker, a bright metal detail running up that column to further accent their premium design, and fillable columns that can be mass-loaded for outstanding stability and quietness. Cable management is also included – as is the option of securely bolting each model of speaker to the top-plate of the stand, ensuring optimum safety.

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