PSB SubSeries 450 (Gloss Black) Subwoofer

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PSB SubSeries 450 (Gloss Black) Subwoofer

Powerful and Compact

The SubSeries 450 DSP Controlled Subwoofer is PSB Speakers’ most advanced, high performance subwoofer to date. Crafted after the award-winning SubSeries 500, the SubSeries 450 is both compact and powerful. Dead flat to 20Hz, the SubSeries 450 can clearly enunciate the full power and majesty of a live symphony orchestra, and intensify the ground-rattling explosions of any action film. Housed in a beautifully finished high-gloss cabinet, the unique design features a 12” active woofer that is supported by two 10” passive radiators. Employing an advanced amplifier developed by sister company NAD Electronics, and coupled with an innovative Class D amplification module, the SubSeries 450 is both incredibly accurate and musical with nearly zero distortion.

Maximum Performance

A true PSB flagship design, the SubSeries 450 is crafted using the highest quality components, custom-tooled mechanics, and innovative driver technologies. The SubSeries 450’s use of digital signal processing (DSP) has allowed PSB’s engineering team to maximize all aspects of performance; the flattest frequency response, as well as a powerful bass extension, all thanks to an advanced DSP crossover. The subwoofer’s built-in amplifier is highly efficient, and features both a high damping factor and a high current output required for tight, powerful bass response. The SubSeries 450 also includes a <0.5W standby mode, making the woofer instantly available yet very low in power consumption. Thanks to the mechanics and craftsmanship behind the SubSeries 450, the ultimate home theatre experience is now yours to explore and enjoy.

Rich Atmosphere

Designed to add crystal-clear bass to any music or home theatre system, the SubSeries 450 employs adjustable volume, crossover and variable 180° phase/delay controls, and multiple connection options. This allows for flexible placement and seamless integration with the other speakers in your system. Finally, the unrivalled magic of watching a film in a movie theatre can now be experienced within the comfort of your own home. Overall, the careful engineering and precision manufacturing of the SubSeries 450 ultimately results in a subwoofer that meets the demands of the most dynamic and explosive soundtracks. Opening up the soundstage and reproducing the atmosphere of a rich, live recording, the SubSeries 450 transports you right to the front row of the next big performance.


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