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As of BluOS version 3.8.0, the BluOS app now supports Home Theater Grouping with the Powernode in addition to the Pulse Soundbar and Pulse Flex. While only the Powernode 2i with HDMI can be used for your front left and right channels, any Powernode (Powernode, Powernode 2, Powernode 2i without HDMI and Powernode 2i with HDMI) can be used as the rear left and right channels in a Home Theater Group.

With this new functionality , there are even more ways to customize your BluOS surround sound listening experience. Below is a complete list of compatible players for both the front and rear channels of a Home Theater Group.

Compatible Front Channels

Compatible Rear Channels

Powernode 2i with HDMI

Pulse Flex

Pulse Soundbar 2i

Pulse Flex 2i

Pulse Soundbar


Powernode 2

Powernode 2i without HDMI

Powernode 2i with HDMI

When using a pair of Pulse Flex speakers as your rear channels, they are not required to be the same generation. This means a Pulse Flex 2i can be used as the rear right channel with a Pulse Flex configured as the rear left channel.

For more information regarding creating a Home Theatre Group please see the article below.

Creating Fixed Groups


  • An external audio input will need to be connected to the palyer acting as the front channels
  • A Home Theatre Group can only output Dolby Digital content to the rear speakers




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