Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition (Black) Music Streamer / Headphone Amp

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Ex Display Product. All Accessories and Packaging. Full UK 2 Year Warranty. Serial No - 506949. Small mark on top right of unit. Phone 01223 304770 for more details.
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Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition (Black) Music Streamer / Headphone Amp

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Lose the speakers, not the performance.

Now you don’t need to sacrifice sound quality if you don’t have the space or lifestyle for a more traditional, speaker-based music system. The Uniti Atom Headphone Edition offers all the features and performance of the award-winning Uniti Atom system, but optimised for headphones rather than speakers.

Relax at home, without distractions

The Uniti Atom Headphone Edition can transform any space into your own audio cocoon. From living room to bedroom, desk to den, you can enjoy the music, radio and podcasts you love, without life disturbing you – or your sounds disturbing others!

Listen while you work.

Whether in a traditional office or a home working set-up, the Uniti Atom Headphone Edition is the perfect companion to power you through the day. Simply plug in your headphones and enjoy the music, radio or podcasts that help you focus on the work at hand. Having the Uniti Atom Headphone Edition on your desktop keeps that lovely colour display, tactile volume dial and simple controls at hand, including shortcuts to all your favourites.

Less fuss, more fun.

Cut the clutter in your listening life by opting for the compact, sleek Uniti Atom Headphone Edition. Where typical headphone amplifiers demand tethering to a computer, the Uniti Atom Headphone Edition has all the brains – and Naim’s award-winning streaming platform – built in. Put on your headphones; download the Naim app to your smartphone/tablet and start exploring a world of music-streaming services, radio stations and much more – all in stunning quality.

More than one pair of headphones?
Bring it on!

The Uniti Atom Headphone Edition can easily power a wide range of headphones, with its range of outputs - 6.3mm and Balanced XLR and Pentaconn – offering yet more flexibility. You can keep multiple pairs plugged in and switch sets depending on what you’re listening to and when.

Listen alone or listen out loud

As well as offering an exceptional experience with headphones, the Uniti Atom Headphone Edition also excels as a compact streaming pre-amplifier. Just add active speakers, or a power amplifier and speakers – for an instant system.

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